Guide to Finding a Compounding Pharmacy


A compounding pharmacy makes drugs prescribed by physicians for specific patients whose needs cannot be met by the commercially available drugs. In other words, these pharmacies produce personalized medications for a patient based on his or her needs. For example, if you’re allergic to an ingredient in a certain drug, a compounding pharmacist can prepare the same drug and exclude the offending ingredient.

So once you’ve been prescribed compounded medication, how do you go about finding a Compounding Pharmacy Columbia Sc? Check out the following tips:

Ask your doctor

Your doctor will most probably advise you on where to go have your prescription filled. More likely than not, your doctor may have already used a compounding pharmacy with a previous patient. So when you get the prescription script, be sure to ask the doctor where you should go. Ask them to write down the contact information and address of a pharmacy that you can easily get to.

Search the web

Thanks to the internet, any kind of information you need is available at your finger tips. If your physician does not provide you with information on where to find a compounding pharmacy, then the quickest and easiest way is to search online. You can start with a search on Google, and then click through to the sites that list these pharmacies. You’ll find that the listings are organized by state, which makes it easier to find a pharmacist nearby.

Consult professional organizations

Another way to find compounding pharmacy is to contact their international professional body. This is the IACP (International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists), which lists its members and sorts them by location. You can direct-dial the numbers posted on this site. One advantage of using this method is that you’ll get a clearer picture of a specific pharmacist’s professional credentials.

Calla local pharmacist

Yet another easy way to find a compounding pharmacist is to call your local pharmacist. You’ll need to explain to them that your doctor has prescribed a medication that can only be filled at a compounding pharmacy.

If you’ve come across several compounding pharmacies in your locality, you may be uncertain about which one you should visit. At this point, you may want to consult your doctor first. Keep in mind that this is a heavily regulated industry, and it’s important that the pharmacy you choose complies will all the standards. Your doctor likely has better knowledge of local medical services, as well as experience working with different pharmacies.


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