Why People Choose Compounding Pharmacies over Normal Pharmacies


Pharmacy is one of the best paying professions in the world, simply due to the fact that one has to work really hard to become a pharmacist. The pharmacy industry is constantly changing and incorporating old and new techniques to improve the practice. One such example is compounding pharmacy, which has very exciting implications for everyone involved. Here’s a deeper look at just what compounding pharmacy is and why people choosing it over traditional pharmacy.

What’s compounding pharmacy?

Compounding Pharmacy Lexington Sc essentially refers to a pharmaceutical area where pharmacists are tasked with the duty of putting together combination drugs. They mix multiple raw ingredients in a manner that the appropriate doses are given and safe use is ensured. This is normally done to customize medications to the required doses of patients, such as corn-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, and preservative-free. It is also done to relieve patients the hassle of taking multiple pills.

Compounding allows doctors to prescribe drugs in dosages not commercially made. In addition, compounding allows pharmacists to add inactive ingredients to some side effects. Many compounding pharmacies have got their own laboratories where they compound medicines as per the doctor’s prescription, find a compounding pharmacy here!

People opt for compounding pharmacies over standard pharmacies for these reasons:

The patient needs drugs that don’t have certain inactive ingredients like sugar, alcohol, casein, gluten, lactose and dyes.

The patient needs another method of administration. For example, if the patient has problems swallowing, they need an alternative way of taking the medicine, for example transdermal. Other types of dosage include lozenge, creams, liquid, nasal sprays, lollipops, suppository, inhalations etc.

To minimize the possibility of side effects

To provide an unusual strength of dose

For patients needing allergen-free drugs

For children who need flavored liquid medication

For patients that need medications that have been stopped by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The field of pharmacy has evolved constantly to meet the demands of treating medical conditions. People with specific needs when taking medicine should take advantage of compounding pharmacies. The FDA regulates pharmaceutical manufacturers so they must meet stringent standards to make sure their drugs are safe. They also must ensure that all their batches have consistent quality.

Most medications were manufactured by compounding in the 1930s and 40s. When drug manufacturing became mass manufacturing, the compounding of drugs started to decline. These days, compounding combines the old and modern methods of blending and dispensing drugs. The aim is to ensure that everyone gets the best possible healthcare services, which in turn helps bring a positive outcome in patient treatment.


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